aka Liam X

  • I live in Shrek's swamp
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is school
  • I am a sneaky savage named Liam X
  • Hyena117

    Let me say a few things.

    1. dr eggman and dr robotnick are the same name.robotnick is japenese for eggman. Besides in the games some of creations were likeegg stuff like the death egg robot, egg robos and the egg mobile.
    2. It's mest up to say recolours are noncreative and say that the pepole that do that lazy idiots.for 1.they might do that because they draw that good,2.those pepole might be making a quicker and easyier way to recolour than to draw the whole carecter.besidesanything might be recolours"oh,its a blue fox that wears cloths.RECOLOUR!!!OOO,theres a red cat.RECOLOUR!!!"It's sersousily inmature when catergorize fan carecters like that.and 3.any thing is art.theres no such thing as not being creative.
    3. Why do pepole hate on modern Sonic an…
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