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  • HyperNazo3211

    Everything in the Sonic series gets a creepy side, such as Tails Doll, Mecha Robotnik, and Mephiles, but take a look at the soundtrack that has a creepy side!

    Not very creepy, but still gives me the chills, it takes the role as Mephiles' theme, such as when he was talking to Silver about Sonic as the "lblis Trigger", when Shadow and him first meet in Kingdom Valley, and even the event that takes the same name, when he shows Shadow that the world will turn against him in the future.

    It even made it into Disturbing Video Game Music by peanut2134 on Youtube as #17 along with the music in 4th place coming in as #19!

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  • HyperNazo3211

    Sega, '06 was framed

    September 12, 2011 by HyperNazo3211

    I believe it very much, Sonic '06 was very underrated I must say.

    Here are the stuff that got me in the way:

    • Crisis City: Find the Database! (Sonic)
    • Town Mission: Protect Anna, She Knows the Secret! (Silver)
    • My Egg Genesis battle got turned from a S RANK to a C RANK (Silver)
    • Egg Cerberus, Dusty Desert (Sonic)
    • Silver, Soleanna (Sonic)
    • Wave Ocean, Act 2 (Sonic)

    • Wave Ocean Act 2: Getting stuck on a wall or obstacle will result in instant death and spinning out of control or worse, never moving.
    • Silver the Hedgehog's telekinesis makes projectiles able to shoot back at Badniks and those fire creatures controlled by Iblis, but fighting with using missles doesn't make him shoot them until his bar runs low!
    • Shadow's Chaos Lance makes the game freeze.
    • Tails g…

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