This was the worst game!

I believe it very much, Sonic '06 was very underrated I must say.

Here are the stuff that got me in the way:

List of Glitchs

  • Wave Ocean Act 2: Getting stuck on a wall or obstacle will result in instant death and spinning out of control or worse, never moving.
  • Silver the Hedgehog's telekinesis makes projectiles able to shoot back at Badniks and those fire creatures controlled by Iblis, but fighting with using missles doesn't make him shoot them until his bar runs low!
  • Shadow's Chaos Lance makes the game freeze.
  • Tails going through a power up box on my game ends up with Tails losing rings automatically.
  • Knuckles' double-punch attack doesn't affect any enemies on my game.
  • Omega's cutscenes make the game's screen turn pitch black.
  • Rouge barely even "Flys" on my game.