Besides Pk and Animals101, I have stages ideas, besides confirmed ones.

Classic Era

  • Labyrinth
  • Emerald Hill (Besides Death Egg and Chemical Plant)
  • Flying Battery Zone (had cool music, and it would be cool to hear a modern remix)
  • Splash Hill Zone (curios about Classic, without Homing attack and Modern with no spin dash)
  • Plus special stages,Mushroom hill and Casino night for Xbox and Playstation too rather then the dumb 3ds)
  • A knuckles chaotix stage
  • Hydrocity Zone


Only one and that is Radical Highway

Modern Era

A tribute section to Hydrocity

Hydrocity Zone is a Stage in the uppcomming game Sonic Generations. It is the fourth zone in the game


Classic Sonic

Classic Sonic's take on the zone is just like the original, and can slide down the slide. To get through the water, Sonic spin dashes enimes and goes to air bubbles and gets back by either finding a spring or jumping out of the water.

Modern Sonic

Modern Sonic's take on the zone is just like a modern game. Boosting on water is also included too. Near the end of this level, the giant crab from Sonic colors returns chasing Sonic with the same attacks. This time, Sonic can out boost it, and attack him. Unlike colors, the crab is an in game boss.


In this section, you fight Screw Mobile with modern sonic. Modern Sonic uses Homing attack on the Screw mobile, or when it moves to the ground, you can attack him with Sonic Boost.