『ソニック ランナーズ』ティザートレーラー01:10

『ソニック ランナーズ』ティザートレーラー


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The Sonic Runners trailer and Info Blog.

Thanks to a Sonic Stadium article, we have more info.

  • Stages are designed to be one or two minutes long.
  • The game is a 2D action side-scroller.
  • Controls are designed to be operable with one hand.
  • You run automatically, and will tap the screen to jump.
  • Dr. Eggman will appear in the game as a boss.
  • Wisps are returning.
  • There will be new music for the game, composed by the composer of Unleashed, Colors and Lost World.
  • Familiar elements like rings and loop-de-loops return.
  • Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are the first playable characters. More will be added, according to Famitsu translations.

VERDICT: Sonic Runners is essentially the Genesis/Sonic 4 formula with 3d graphics, 1-2 minute stages and automatic running akin to Egg Dragoon and the Going Down segment of Modern Speed Highway, both from from Sonic Generations. 50 episodes with seperate stories and holiday events are also planned.

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