Remember how Sonic & Knuckles had an unlockable game? It was Knuckles in Sonic 2. Well, Sonic Generations should have a few too! Here the list.

  • Shadow and Rouge in Sonic 2 (since Rouge is Shadow's flying sidekick,why not put them in a Sonic 2 Remake?)
  • Silver in Sonic Cd (that was a time travel game. Theres also a Metal Silver in place of Metal Sonic and Blaze in place of amy)
  • Chaos 0 in Sonic 1 (just randomly thought of him being in that game. And he can't drown since he's made out of water)
  • Team Dark in Sonic 3 (Eggman tricks Omega into thinking Shadow and Rouge want to steal the Master Battery (I thought of that because Knuckles thought Sonic and Tails wanted to steal the Master Emerald . And that's why I made the Master Battary, wich also controlls Omega and other good robots on Metalic Island.)
  • Tails Doll in Tails adventure
  • And finaly, Espio in SegaSonic the hedgehog (in place of Ray)

Thats all I have for now.