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  • I live in Pirate Cove
  • My occupation is staying in Pirate Cove, peeking out to see what the kids are doing.
  • I am running down the hall.
  • Indigo Fusionbolt

    Guys...remember me?

    November 20, 2014 by Indigo Fusionbolt

    I was a more "active" user here a long time in July.  I won't be active at ALL or appear on chat, ever, unless I absolutely feel like it.

    So, what happened was that I re-joined the "dumb" wiki I was talking about, it's called Fantendo...y'know...uh, anyway, thanks for reading!

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  • Indigo Fusionbolt

    Hello!  I'm Bob the Blob.  I recently quit from Fantendo and decided I'm going to the Sega side!

    Sega is way better than Nintendo. Nintendo has lousy excuses for games (usually) but Sega is way better.  Sega makes better games.  So, uh, I hope you like me here (no one on Fantendo liked me =()

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