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  • InfernoHammer

    I bet the live action title will the same name as Sonic the Hedgehog. It will be made in possibly Dreamworks same as the Transformers movies or Warner Bros.

    If you want to ask me about it? Go ahead and comment.

    But no Uwe Boll and Eddie Lebron. I kinda liked Michael Bay because he did the Transformers movies because its cool.

    I bet it will be a film where it has Chris Thorndyke and Helen, i bet Sonic will go happy about this.

    If you want to ask Sega about the new movie coming out? The release date will be 12/12/2012.

    The movie will be similar to Transfomers 2007. It will have a giant city destroying monster robot which is a form or Metal Sonic similar to Megatron called Metal Sonictron.

    Heres the Characters:



    1:Sonic the Hedgehog.


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  • InfernoHammer

    My Favorite Sonic Couples is Shadouge and Scouriona.

    If you to put a comment on this blog, put a comment on it plz?

    No comments that involves Uncensored Mature Language and P**N!

    You can say mature words but you got to censor them by using the "* or "X" things.

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