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The Ocean Group that dubbed DragonBall Z, Hamtaro, Gundam Seed, etc

Should Ocean Group dub Sonic X?

If 4kids should lose their license of Sonic X, I think Ocean Productions Inc, the same english dubbing company that dubbed Megaman NT Warrior, Hamtaro, DragonBall Z, etc, should dub Sonic X since Ocean has dubbed lots of anime including the kiddie ones like Megaman, Hamtaro, etc. Funimation only dubs animes that are either for teenagers or adults like One Piece, FMA, etc. Nelvana only dubs kiddie animes like Beyblade, Medabots, Bakugan, etc.

Voice Actors/Actresses for the English Ocean Group (Part 1):

Sonic - Andrew Francis (Season 1), Matt Hill (Season 2,3)
Amy - Andrea Libman (Known for voicing Pinkie Pie)
Knuckles - Michael Adamthwaite
Tails - Matt Hill (Known for voicing Kira from Gundam Seed), Cathy Weseluck (Season 3)
Chris - Cathy Weseluck (Known for voicing Spike from MLP: FiM)
Rouge - Janyse Jaud (Season 1), Tabitha St. Germain (Known for voicing Rarity) (Season 2,3)
Shadow - David Kaye (Known for voicing Protoman from Megaman NT Warrior)
Cream - Andrea Libman (Known for voicing Fluttershy)
Cheese - Tara Strong
Dr. Eggman - Trevor Devall
Decoe and Becoe - Samuel Vincent, Scott McNeil
Vector - Scott McNeil
Big - Scott McNeil
Froggy - Scott McNeil (croaking sounds, not talking sounds)
Tikal - Brittney Wilson
E-102 Gamma - Scott McNeil
Espio - David Kaye
Charmy - Cathy Weseluck
Cosmo - Andrea Libman

Ocean will also probably do minor edits like removing or limiting blood, make swear words kid friendly (Not too cheesy though), and will either retain the Japanese music or replace the Japanese music with new ones or remixed versions. Should Ocean dub Sonic X, Sonic X will probably air on Teletoon and for the US, Cartoon Network and The Hub.

What do you think of this? Tell what your thoughts on this.