J approached the robot confused and panting. "Sir have you seen my mom?" He asked. The Robot slowly lifted his arm and then shot. J's vision went white and then he woke back up. He looked at his hands that where stained with blood. A man with a purple hood offered help and lifted j of the floor. J was brought to an infirmary and was questioned. In return he was given the location of his family. It turns out his parents had died in the confusion of the invasion of robotnik. J was token to a facility where he received more questioning and found out there that his body has been physically altered to one of a demon's. His fur was no longer brown nor was he a child anymore. He had died from the robot and was resurrected ten years later in a new era. "Why exactly was I resurrected in the first place" J asked. "We had been testing a resurrecting Serum in the area and your the only one who was able to be resurrected" The scientist said. "I see but it's a little inhumane that I'm alive but I definitely appreciate it" J said. "Your free to explore the world if you want J" The scientist said. "Hmm.. I can leave so early no more questions?" J asked. "Yep just make sure you stop by every once in while and I have already registered a name for you How is Reaper at the end like J.Reaper?" The scientist asked. "Perfected thanks Gramps" J said. "No problem J. make sure you stop by if you have any trouble" The scientist said. J. Nodded and took of to go to metropolis. "I never learned how to fly with these...." He mumbled to himself. "What if..." J mumbled. He began flapping his wings and he took of. "Woo! This is so awesome!" J yelled. "Gramps said I have powers but what kind?" J asked himself. He concentrated and felt a object in his hand. A golden transparent throwing knife appeared in his hand. "Well that's new" J said. He flew along the coast nearing the city. As he landed on the sidewalk and looked around. Then some one ran into him. "Sorry kid" He said. Then he took off. "Freeze right there!" Yelling came from down the path. J.Reaper stopped walking and looked at the gun that had been pointing at his chest. "Your under arrest" The person said, a bat with light grey fur and black hair over one eye. "For what?' J asked. "Don't pretend like you don't know" He said. "But I don't" J said. "Does the name Ivan ring a bell" he asked. "No" J.Reaper replied. "Can you lower the gun now?". "If you have weapons drop them now" He said. "Don't have any" J said. "Ok then, I'm Roy The Bat of G.U.N." He said. "I'm J.Reaper I'm not from around here but obviously I already have a bad reputation" J said. "Id please" Roy said. J pulled out his Id that the scientist had gave him. "Ok so your not the guy were looking for, Sorry for the misunderstanding" Roy said handing back J's license and taking off. "Wait a second is there any places where I can get a job?" J asked. "How about you join G.U.N. every day is a new adventure" Roy said. "Ok thanks" J said