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    top 10 best sonic characters

    September 8, 2016 by JackTbug

    Today I'm here to show you about 10 best sonic characters however here are my rules

    rule 1: for you haters do not post the demonic nasty comments about chris tails big etc.

    rule 2: do not bash me!

    here's the list of 10 best sonic characters

    10. big the cat

    He'e the best looking for froggy he's not bad as everyone thinks

    9.sally acorn

    she's not bad as everyone thinks she's the best why do you villainous sonamy fans hate her you are like professor ratigan from great mouse dectective!

    8. chris thorndyke

    he's not ash ketchum and/or sora of kingdom hearts rip-off he's the best hero, he's a good friend he doesn't steal tails and amy's role. if he doesn't save sonic there will be no more sonic x episodes and no more adoptions of sonic adventure 1 and soniā€¦

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