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  • I was born on December 9
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  • JamesTechno998

    If you haven't seen the project yet, here's the link from GameJolt;

    From the time that I'm writing this down, I haven't fixed the movement issue from the last build. To be honest, I haven't have any problems at all. It's probably because how I pressed the buttons in a 4-Directional RPG. My apologies if this is really inconvenient to you all. 

    I'll try my best to program the combat mechanics in the next entry (or so). For now, here's an angry Sonata :P

    "Hey guys, long time no see! What did I miss? Sonic and the Steel of Darkness has undergone really well. For those who haven't know yet, there's now a playable demo of the first build. It's been so long that this project has been go on. I think it…

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  • JamesTechno998

    Here it is, Sonic Mania PC! 

    I actually wanted to have this before Sonic Forces. I grew up with the Sonic the Hedgehog series in the PS2 Era, starting from Sonic Heroes as my very first video game. I was able to play the Genesis and Game Gear collection after that, which I'm kinda addicted to it back then. 

    Now for the Mania, it is actually pretty neat so far. However, I haven't spoil myself from any of the footage besides Green Hill Zone and the Death Ball mini-boss. Also, I heard a lot of people complain on putting the boss in the thumbnail. So, I drew the mini-boss instead. I'll be doing that for the next couple of episodes. 

    ALSO, I want to apologize for calling Robotnik as Eggman. It was a slip of a tongue.

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  • JamesTechno998

    A lot of mechanic chainging in Project SatSoD. For starters, I've changed the game into a RPG, due to my lack of knowledge in recreating the codes for the platformer. Another reason is that since Sonic is slow in gameplay, I've wanted it to make it as bearable to play in this speed. The Battle System will be entirely fresh and it will not be turn-based.

    The art style is pixel art with less "blocky" structure, meaning th textures are independent from the grid. The layout of Alpha -1.01 is more of an unfinished cyberspace. This kinda sets the tone down for a while, until the Battle System is finished. There are no enemies in this build yet, leaving a simple collect-a-thon for you to do.

    Puzzle solving is one of the main mechanics of this game.…

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  • JamesTechno998


    Which among you guys want to see me do a let's play series on Sonic Forces? What's the catch? Oh I don't know, uh, let's see the possible series;    

    • Playing with the custom character (Oh Trinitro. even though that you're no longer a Sonic FC, YOU WILL BE REMADE)
    • Recreating the Archie characters with the customizer. 
    • Beating records
    • Finding exploits
    • Beating records by exploiting
    • Getting roasted by the fandom and the non-Sonic fans.

    I finally made something that can replace the webcam with my persona instead. Yeah, this is getting even wierder. Just imagine what cringiness you can find with a let's play video and a talking fictional character.

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  • JamesTechno998

    Technically, this was posted months ago. I'm just not sure if anyone have seen it yet but I need your guys opinion this time. I'll try to explain further for those who are really confuse and I'll try to avoid re-iteration.

    Sonic and the Steel of Darkness will be focusing more on story and character development. Robots, in this case, will be given more spotlight and background. The story isn't too serious but it won't be too comical and lowbrow. The characters will be meeting for the first time in their life. Some of the Archie Characters will be included but only if they have a similar basis. 

    Another thing about the series is that it will follow the principle concept of logic, science and common sense. However, it will not be set to extreme…

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