I had some... problems with the game programming, and I lack some "equipment" such as the GameMaker Pro or Premium, Music Makers, Animators and so more, or less. I need your help, any one of you can join our team (DigitConvertors) and support our game development, Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. Do not worry, I'm already on it, especially some "new" characters will be added and re-made for the game. 


We made some modifications on the robots and their names. The E-Series2 were renamed called the Mad Machines (not final yet). As I promise, I even made it with less Robot Master and more advance than ever. Sonic characters, such as my character Trinitro, had some changes and we studied much of the Archie characters that they will be included in the game. Egg Tripod was even remodeled along with the Mini-Boss (see below).

Help Wanted

  • Music Maker - to create some extra musics if needed
  • Music Remix-ers (optional) - to create remixes from the soundtracks if needed
  • Game Programmers - for customizing or specializing the game physics, gameplay and much more
  • Voice Actors - for adding voices which are quite recommended for the game
  • Script Writers - to arrange or seek mistakes or requirements in the character's dialogue
  • Character Makers (optional) - to create more random characters if needed
  • Enemy Designers - for making or arranging some designs for the enemies
  • Boss Designers (optional) - for making or arranging some designs for the bosses if needed