"Let me go to the bad news first. The Bad News is that I'll be stopping the game temporarily. I mean I wanted to do something else beside Sonic and the Steel of Darkness, it's been 3 years though. However, the Good News is that there is an alternative video game that I wanted to make and it is easier to do than the previous one."

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Sonic and the Steel of Darkness Updates

  • "I haven't tell you guys about the one MAJOR mechanic that I haven't discussed in the previous blogs, which is the 'Beat-N-Round-Up' Mechanic. Normally, instead of running around the stage, you can also  LITERALLY fight your way through with a swarm of enemies in that level. This is applied to the boss as well, including the puzzle mechanic."
  • Boss Battle - Boss battles in the Sonic series are known to fight them by hitting their weak spots, but it'll be different in this game. Since it is a Beat-Em-Up game, you can attack at any position to damage them. However, there will be some tricks along with their sleeves. There are 2 additional battle systems that the boss have; RetreatingPhasing (Retreating causes the boss to 'retreat' itself once its health bar reaches a certain number. When this happens, the boss will unleashed all the enemies in that stage and it'll never stop until the player do a specific action. Phasing creates a boost after the Retreating process. This cause to change appearance, add new attacks, and new battle style. This is levelled by 1-3.
  • Boss Rank - All bosses (including minibosses) have a rank by color emblems
    • Mini-Bosses = Light Green
    • Bosses         = Yellow
    • Elite Bosses = Red
    • Final Boss    = Purple
  • New Absolute Stages - Based on the discussions, these are the new possible stages for SatSoD for now:
    • Great Forest
    • Murky Mangroves
    • Grand Metropolis
    • Frigid Wasteland
    • Dustorm Valley
    • Gizmo Circuit
    • Masoulean Server
    • Seaside Hill
    • Neon Park

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??? Game

"In order to make up from the postponement of SatSoD, I decided to make an alternative video game mentioned earlier.  The total characters to join in this game is 22, but only good guys are allowed here. I won't explain a lot but this is the only few information that I can give. Oh one thing, in order to 'brightened' things up: we add a little modifications to it, you might already seen it. THIS IS A TEASER GAME, WHICH IS SEMI-CANON TO SATSOD. IT IS ALSO AN INTERACTION WHERE YOUR CHARACTERS CAN KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER"

Brief Explaination: It is a puzzle, interaction, and RPG game which uses 16-32bit system. Characters can create a special 'relationship' event if acquire a certain item in a certain chapter. I'll explain more later on. It is also an inspiration to one game. All special 'powers' are unavailable at everytime, so don't cheat with telekenesis, electric, etc. Rely on their special talent only

Message to Users: "Welcome to the Steelwork Mansion, where all of you were selected to share and to work with us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All of the activities are capable for ages from 10 and above. Faculty and services were provided with proper care for our occupants. Everything is done by our host of the mansion, who works alongside with machines. Be advised that any 'personal' disturbances is not our problem and responsibility. We wish you good luck and enjoy yourselves for this event."

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