"After programming my previous game, Sonic and the Steel of Darkness, and postponing it due to some reasons, I've decided to create a game where everyone can be participated with every role given." --JamesTechno998

We decided on working on a new game that can easily be done and everyone can participated in it. I have called it Mayhem Master (AKA the ??? Game). It is a RPG Game which uses Logic Gameplay and Mechanics. Characters in this game are restricted to use any super abilities (such as telekenesis or super-strength). It is divided into 2 sections; Truthful Chapters and Dreadful Days. Truthful Days are episodes/chapters that were played by a character named Richard the Canine. Its setting is the "outside world" where most returning characters shows up. Dreadful Days are episodes/chapters that were played by another character named Ace Auton. Its setting is within the buildings of Steelwork Academic Institution where 20 occupants were held there.

Mayhem Master

"The Judgement has been Commence" --???

Timeline: The Sentinent Age

The story is about a tragic event called the MSAI-12 Incident. It starts back at the prelude, where a crime scene has occured along the halls of Steelwork Academic Instituition. It was 7 years back, as the truth was buried ever since in that day. 

After that, the company of that instituition decided to reopen their facilities to the new generation of successful achievers. In order to join these grounds, the officers will be the one to decide on whether you are eligible or not. The entire facility is one big training grounds for their young students. Everything is already prepared for them, especially their grand room session. Everything will be going to be alright


There are already 4 users who joined this game. 

  • Richard "Rover" Canine
  • Zyra Frost
  • Rustodian Megawatt
  • Ace Auton
  • ???
  • Honey "Parfait" Cat
  • Pluscia Konstrucius
  • Minoln Konstrucius
  • Tina Melonote
  • Triniro "James" Stropher
  • Jack "Meowdy" Cat
  • Jasmine Dubheasa Cat
  • Michael Braegger
  • Jonic Ookami

Game Features

  • Argumental Rebuttal - The player must listen to their statements and find the contradiction by presenting an evidence. 
  • Investigation - You must search anything that are related to the case. The player can recreate the very moment of the crime by activating the VSP (The Virtual Simulation Program)
  • Hangman's Gambit - Arrange and pick the letters that would form the missing corresponding word
  • Offensive Gridlock - The player must interact the person and expose the hidden secrets or lies that he have from the case
  • Testimonial Roullete - The player must find the hidden contradiction among the many statements from others
  • Synaptic Breakdown - This will occur if all possibilities were minized to the very scale and the player's mental state has worsen. In order to
    Synaptic Breakdown Gameplay01:06

    Synaptic Breakdown Gameplay

    counter this, is to review and to remake a possiblity that counter the opposing statement
  • Moment of Truth - You must arrange the timeline of the crime by placing a panel in a correct order in a comic book fashion (Left to Right) in a given time.
  • Rythmatic Panic Attack - (AKA Boss Battle) The final part of the chapter. It's you versus the blackened and you must counter all of his/her statements as they panic and resist. At the end of the boss battle, you must arrange 4 groups of letters and "fire" the Final Strike to end the trial.


"We will send a special invitation that can participate the game. There are a total of 10 invitations and each contains a game banner for it. The activity will start after 2 weeks from this time. We hope that you are "enlightened" from this blog and support us in our work. Please leave a comment if you want to sign up earlier and save a spot for you in the game"