Okay guys, sorry for the delay for so long. I was having a vacation while thinking some new ways for my fan-made series. I was surprised on the Deadly Six though, they do just like my E-Series2.

First Chapter Development 


Comic Series

I improved some designs for the cover. I made several attempts because I'm still new to make a comic. Anyway, I've been planning on choosing which plot for the first issue. You can choose which plot should I choose

  • Original = Sonic and Tails goes for a vacation until Eggman ruined their time by unleashing all of his new robots at once. Tails creates a new ring called the Bio Ring and the story continues....
  • Or Improved = After Sonic battles a bunch of badniks and E-Series robots, Eggman watches on his another victory and decided to use the Chaos Emerald to create powerful robots to attack them. Sonic and Tails goes to the mall with Amy and Cream. However, they encounter a new version of Eggman's robots with Eggman in his new mobile called "Egg Tripod


Introducing a balance system for the puzzle, stage play and boss battle

Video Game

Okay, I started the game series since 4 months ago until my GameMaker wants to upgrade to premium in order to complete it and create more sprites, rooms, etc. Anyway, I don't have much to say except the new puzzle gameplay in the RPG world. I planned a divided sections of Puzzle and Acts. For Puzzle, the player must complete an act or do an objective to open the "Boss Door." For the Acts, well... they only appear as usual like Sonic Unleashed but they can only be access by interact to an Act Ring.

New Gameplay

The player must control Sonic in an RPG-like movements. Players can interact objects or persons and can do objectives. They must solve puzzles in order to progress. Not all levels required puzzles and can only be seen along with Bosses and Stage Acts. While completing an act, Sonic can be played in a way of Sonic Advance style with his new moves. This new moves are used from the Sonic Lost World, such as using the Walk/Run button. Other moves can be unlocked by defeating specific bosses. Others are still planning for the video game, so be patient.


There are some corrections on the characters so it might take some time to finished them. One of them must be entirely remodeled like Photon Nebula. Some needs a new name like Desert Commando and some needs to have an Eggman-ish design than Robot Master.