My apologies for making the game late beyond its time periods. However, I might published a Demo Version of it instead the Full Version in GameMaker Community Workshop. I might need some play testers after the submission in order to rate and adjust some problems with it. For now, I really need some major help, one of them is a Sprite Animator or Game Programmer. I really can't do this all alone, so I'll need some assistance. 

Playables - Switchables

Despite the star character (Sonic) who has better roles in the game, I will now add a playable (and switchable) character (Tails) into the gameplay. In this game, players can change characters within the stages or acts as they play along (except in the RPG World where Sonic is the main view for it).

  • Sonic has better speed, in share of the strength and agility, but lack defense, making him fragile in the game. Although, both strategy and caution are needed on him, he still serves as a good fighter in dodging, escaping and other moves involves with speed. His interactive role allows him to Bolt Chain onto enemies, creating an arc trail as he attacks enemies with no special defenses. Not only that, it can also help him in revealing hidden spots in the stage.
  • Tails is character who is in more of a supportive role, with equal speed and defense but lacks a big power for offense. Despite this, he has equipped his Plasma Buster (a long-ranged weapon) which gives him a cutting edge on enemies. Not only that but also his Wrench Staff (a close-ranged weapon) allows him to fight in normal combat and deflects enemy shots in a special manner. He has 2 interactive roles; Hacking and Tinkering. Hacking allows him to hack computers or machines which will either aid in battle or create a path for the player. Although, this cost time and the player should fend off enemies as it progress. Tinkering is an ability which allows him to repair broken (and useful) machines.   

Update Gallery

This gallery will update for over the time with images that will shows how far is the development.