Before I go deeper in continuing the series, there are several questions that will affect the characters, events, timeline, etc. One of them will have a major affect on the series and plus, in order to answer it, just leave a comment on this blog.

You can answer 1 or more questions if you like



  1. Do Sonic,Tails and the rest of the characters should wear clothes in this fan-game series?
  2. Is it okay to include the Archie Comic characters such as Fiona, Scourge, Sally, etc.?
  3. Should the fan-game focus only on Sonic and Tails?
  4. What is a good name for the E-Series2?


  1. What will be a good tone to this series? (Comedy, Drama or a Gloomy-tone)


  1. Should we include the buster and the "electric glove" weapons for Tails?
  2. Is it okay to re-modelized the Egg Mobile?


  1. Should the final stage take place on a space station?
  2. What will be the location of Eggman's base at bay? (Island, Underwater, Underground or Continental) 


  1. What will be the timeline would be in this fan-game series?
  2. Based on your answers on Question#1, what will be the age of Sonic?