Which among you guys want to see me do a let's play series on Sonic Forces? What's the catch? Oh I don't know, uh, let's see the possible series;    

  • Playing with the custom character (Oh Trinitro. even though that you're no longer a Sonic FC, YOU WILL BE REMADE)
  • Recreating the Archie characters with the customizer. 
  • Beating records
  • Finding exploits
  • Beating records by exploiting
  • Getting roasted by the fandom and the non-Sonic fans.

Other Stuff

Trinitro in Facerig (WIP - Animation)01:04

Trinitro in Facerig (WIP - Animation)

I finally made something that can replace the webcam with my persona instead. Yeah, this is getting even wierder. Just imagine what cringiness you can find with a let's play video and a talking fictional character.