SatSoD L
Okay, I add some new features, some of it are re-designed (including the characters) and this will take a while to complete trailer because I had SCHOOL. Anyway, the series is still underconstruction but plan 1 is finished, only problem is the animation, game design and programming. You can help me if you want because I can't finished them all.

New Designs and Characters

Like the Egg Pawns, they work like a soldier and a worker for Eggman. They different range of styles to "fit in" their situations. 

Tidal Clanger
Tidal Clanger-
 A hermit crab-like robot. Eggman was having a hard time to the robot's weaponry so he add a soapy substance that he can produce water attacks

Desert Commando
Desert Commando-
A wrecker robot. He weights 4 tons and his weapon is a spiky mace ball. Eggman placed an anti-gravitational device inside him to perform high jumps.

Thunder Megawatt-
A "powerhouse" robot. He's in charge of the main power source that can able to produce a ten thousand voltage. He wears a metal suit that can able to contain the unstable energy.

E-Steam Tanker-
A gas tank robot. He is officially work in his Steam Blimp and transport materials to Eggman. He was once struck by a lightning in which that caused him to explode.

Photon Nebula
Photon Nebula- 
An out-dated module robot. He is once the early designs of the Spinner. However, Eggman replaced him but brings him back to life.

Nova Corona-
A volcanic exploration robot. He is in charge of the underground volcanic bases and gathers and smelt minerals to make weapons. He can stand up to 7600 degrees celsius. 


Coming soon (You can help me in Video Editting it)

New Characters

(You can tell me to add your characters in the series, just show me their main artwork)

  • Trinitro "James" Stropher
  • Michael the Fox
  • Josh the Hedgehog
  • Iron the Hedgehog
  • Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze
  • Assassin the Hedgehog
  • Tina the Lynx
  • Richard the Canine
  • Inferno "Titanium" Steel the Hedgehog


There are crossovers characters that will be added to the series as a crossover episodes like Megaman: When Worlds Collide.

Coming soon



Season 1: Sonic and the Steel of Darkness

  1. A New Era
  2. Warmed UP
  3. Bubble Trouble
  4. Academic Distinction
  5. Camping
  6. Deserted Forest
  7. Royal Annoyance
  8. Major Bio Problem
  9. Electrical Shutdown
  10. The Grand Prix
  11. Cheating beyond the Rule
  12. Smoking Habit
  13. Dire Education
  14. Love Intellect
  15. A Haunted Illusion
  16. The Ookami Visitor
  17. Don't mess with GUN
  18. Blazing Storm
  19. Space Sweepers

Movie 1: SatSoD: The Nightmare Rises

  1. Crack, Shock and Fall
  2. Supreme Grand Prix Champion
  3. Plunge into the Nightmare
  4. Eggman's Wave
  5. Entering the Egg Fortress
  6. Medical Surge
  7. Bad Memories
  8. War Spree
  9. Vital Darkness
  10. EGGsterminate
  11. The New Day


  1. The Beginning
  2. Academic Distinction 
  3. Bubble Trouble
  4. N1 Grand Prix Chase
  5. Mine-Sweeping
  6. Crash and Burn
  7. N1 Grand Prix Tournament
  8. Factory Control
  9. Shocking Theraphy
  10. Surge Meltdown
  11. Hallow Mind
  12. Mean Steam Eggman Machine
  13. Day Off
  14. Blooming Happiness
  15. Haunted Illusion
  16. N1 Grand Finale
  17. Down to Darkness
  18. Flaming Network
  19. Mad Machines
  20. The Egg Fortress
  21. Entering the Nightmare
  22. Surgical Strikes
  23. Abandoned Memories
  24. The Brain Realm
  25. EGGsterminate
  26. Early Light