Sonic and the Steel of Darkness Alpha -102:48

Sonic and the Steel of Darkness Alpha -1.01 Dev-Teaser

A lot of mechanic chainging in Project SatSoD. For starters, I've changed the game into a RPG, due to my lack of knowledge in recreating the codes for the platformer. Another reason is that since Sonic is slow in gameplay, I've wanted it to make it as bearable to play in this speed. The Battle System will be entirely fresh and it will not be turn-based.

The art style is pixel art with less "blocky" structure, meaning th textures are independent from the grid. The layout of Alpha -1.01 is more of an unfinished cyberspace. This kinda sets the tone down for a while, until the Battle System is finished. There are no enemies in this build yet, leaving a simple collect-a-thon for you to do.

Puzzle solving is one of the main mechanics of this game. It won't be a simple RPG-style puzzle. I've added a few styles from other games that may fit with it. Expect a very different kind of Sonic fangame that doesn't follow the norms of its timeline. To put it simply, this is a fangame of the Sonic Storybook series.