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"The main reason why I stop posting blogs and updates in wikia is because that one feature that it is keeping you all updated or contacted about it was, somehow or for some reason was removed; and I'm talking about the 'Recent Image in the Wiki' section. Let's be honest, some of you knew about my recent blogs. all thanks to this section that keeps not only yours but my interest on what is going on in Wikia. It is almost identical to a post in any social media, because there is something new to see rather than another simple page update that lacks a word or so. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. Sonic and the Steel of Darkness is going on quietly ever since I'm doing Youtube and DeviantArt, and my college works. And here are the things that have changed. " 
--JamesTechno998, 08/03/2016

Sonic and the Steel of Darkness has changed over the years in a silent state. After a long state of silence of more than a year, the series becoming more hidden to public due to the lack of social interactions and connections with the community with lack of lookups or notifications to know what it's already going on. I tried DeviantArt, but the same result applies as well. There is not much feedback. Some of the work got only a few things to reconsider and describe (I appreciate for some of you from the comment section in the DeviantArt Community if you are reading this). I tried once in Youtube (as a poster project speed draw), but not much I can get (And again; I am appreciated to those who reply and think and criticize in the comment sections). Because of all these, the series has a got a major stalemate, not knowing what to do or something to think of. I had to do this, at least, 70% right for you guys. You know Sonic a lot, compared to me in which I only have knowledge in games and cartoons alone. And because of that, I made my own decision without any notifications for all of you. 

So I have begin my own solitary development for this fan series. I tried an experiment or an inspirations in which people haven't explore the possibility of this timeline; a Sonic who losts his iconic ability; speed. Because of that, I want to "reset" progression of the series without damaging the flow of the canon. By making another timeline, the possiblity of that is existed. This timeline has its own Sonic, rather than the main entity with doppleganger variants. I wanted to add a story in which how Sonic met all of them in a very different way. What is Sonic life back then? What is Dr. Robotnik(not called as Eggman)'s true motive for evil? How did the humans lived together with the Mobians? Most of those will be explained in this series but in a form of this story. 

SatSoD Redesigns -2

Early Concept for the new characters

New characters were added to the series. Some are revamped, some are created by me. 

  • Cipher the Squirrel
  • Trinity the Weasel
  • Madame Sprocket
  • Dusty
  • Gyro Grandham 
  • TiDi (Tails Doll MK - II)
  • Ace Auton

Video Game

Beta Poster

Game Poster for BETA

The game is the same but Sonic now has a lot of modifications applied to him. First of which is his fight set is similar to his Werehog version in Sonic Unleashed. Additionally, this is also a platformer, which means fighting can be optional. The level themes are based on the world of Steampunk or at abandoned state.

  • Mangrove Forest
  • Frigid Wasteland
  • Dustorm Valley
  • Voltaic Clockwork
  • Ironbrim City
  • Emerald Hills
  • Aqua Plant
  • Abandoned Network

Animated Series

Since I have access to Youtube and my audience seems to increase a bit, it's probably best to start with this as a comic or an animation. I have self-study on media on my own and can able to create simple bits of animation and mockups. It won't be a lot though, but it's the only way to keep it going. Most of the robots will be voiced act by me. Some, like Cipher, will also be done by myself as well. 



I'll be using this blogposts as my main basis for updates. Since I cannot get anything from DeviantArt, it's probably best to head back to where it must be done.