As the name implies to this blog, the Badniks are BACK... with some modifications. Actually, not all badniks returned and some are not actually badniks but in the role of them. They will returned in the fan series with highly adjustments to them.

Badniks (Reloaded)


Set 1

  • Toximistorm - the advance version of the Toxomister in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It produces a toxic fog that can pollute the area. It can decrease visibility and health of the player if entering the polluted area.
  • Pyrefly - the upgraded version of the Flasher in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It has the same moves to the original. The only difference is that it can throw flaming projectiles to enemies.
  • FlashMine - (under construction)
  • ScrewRattler - the upgraded version of the Crawlton in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It burrows from underground and attacks from the surface.
  • SpikeMasher - the power version of SpikeBonker in Sonic & Knuckles. With arms equipped, the robot is now a mean-steam-fighting-machine. It can also produce a fast barrier by ringing the bell from his head.
  • Egg Ma Djinn - the robotic version of the Djinns in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It has drastic changes on its appearance. It can "bind" on foes with its elastic arms and can fire electrical projectiles to its enemies. He is the lightning variant.
  • EggRobo MK-II (under construction)
  • LaserRelay W - the powered version of the laser turrets in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Due to its name implies, it fires lasers from the walls.
  • LaserRelay R - the mobiled version of the laser turrets in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Unlike the LRW, it can move along the rails.

Set 2

  • Bombot - the upgraded version of the Bombs in Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike the original, it can float towards enemies and detonate with a heavy explosion.
  • GangaTank - (unfinished)
  • EggBlizzard - the powered version of the originals in Sonic Unleashed. There is nothing much difference to it, except its appearance.
  • MicroHertz - the advance version of the Blastoids in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It can produce a strong blast of energy that can manipulate the force of objects. It can also fire electrical projectiles.
  • RailChaser - the heavy version of the BullTrain in Sonic Heroes. A megaton-morphing locomotive train that was used in transporting centimental items. Despite being as a common enemy, it is one of the mid-bosses in the series.
  • MacChopper - the upgraded version of the Choppers. It has morphed into a new evolve version from its original, with sharp fins, spiky teeth and brutal strength. 
  • MadCrusher (HyperSlammer) - the powered version of the Interceptors in Sonic Unleashed. It has a strong stimuli that can react faster to its surroundings. It is somehow faceless in fact it is one of the mid-bosses in the series.
  • Spindle - (unfinished)
  • Seeker - the mechanical version of the Nightmares in Sonic Unleashed. It has possessed with great power and has the ability to see on the dark. Nothing much to say except being a machine.
  • Scorcheon - (unfinshed)
  • Bumperator - not actually an upgraded badnik. It was disguised as a hovering bumper that can morph into a suicidal killing machine. It can unleashed multiple flak bullets with a tremendous force.

Sprite Maker (Help Wanted)

I kinda need some help on sprite making and animating (32 - Bit) on the game. If there is someone who is really good on doing this, please leave a comment.