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  • Jarofrods

    My favorite game of all time, no doubt, is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Every part of the game is amazing and perfectly done, it's so great! This game defined Sonic the Hedgehog, defined what a Sonic game really is. It is a masterpiece.

    Sonic did have some rough transitions, most notably from 2D to 3D. Many of his games released in the last decade or so have been debatable. Some of them were great, others were questionable. Maybe one or two were downright broken. It's also the fact that the more recent Sonic games have had stranger plots. Like going to Arabia... turning into a werewolf... talking swords... yeah. But these changes aren't a bad thing, it's just new to a lot of gamers, and typically people don't like change. But it's not like Sonic was …

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