Silver The Hedgehog (game)

Silver The Hedgehog

Team Speed (Spike,Jet,Sonic(no longer)) Team Shine (Silver) Bosses: Team Speed:Speed Monster Team Shine:Mephiles+Iblis (Solaris) Team Speed's Story (Episode 1)---Jet:*daydreaming* Spike:HEY Jet:wha-wha-BBBBAAAA Spike:Oh my God Jet:spike??? what now???? Spike:WAKE UP,DAYDREAMER!!!!!!!!!! Jet:OK OK OK---WHAT IS IT???? ZERO:HAHAHA KILL HEDGEHOG---FFIIRREE!!!! Jet:*fainted* Spike:what the- ZERO:*EXPLODE* BOOOM BANG Jet:ROBOTNIK *GASP* Eggman:*in a eggman nega voice* heello Jet:WHAT THE--- Silver:heeeello dr.stupid nega Eggman:*takes off eggman suit* Dr.Stupid Nega:heeelloo seelver Silver (seelver):O_O Jet:*scares off stupid nega* THE END! Team Shine's Story (Episode 2)----Silver:dr.stupid nega....i will kill dr.stupid nega....aaahhh Blaze:WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOIN' IN MY HOUSE?! Silver:dr.stupid nega....i will kill thee evil dr.stupid nega.....aaahhh Blaze:HEY! PUT YOURSELF TOGETHER!!! (now she's starting to sound like Sonic the Werehog) Silver:sonic???? Blaze:IT'S ME,BLAZE. Silver:BBBLLAAZZEE--YOU HAVE HELP ME KILL DR.STUPID NEGA!!! Blaze:ok THE EN-- Dr. Stupid Nega:THE END