Sonic the hedgehog Saga

Once upon a time in a place called mobius a blue hedgehog named Sonic was born he had extraordinary speed when he turned 10 years old a man named robotnik attacked south island the place where sonic lived and turned everybody into robots.Later that day sonic decides to take a run through green hill zone he sees a machine that tries to attack him he spin jumps and attacks the robot that he deemed "Motobug" he sees one of his animal friends pop out named Ricky,Ricky tells him "Robotnik turned everyone into robots!" Sonic replies with a sly smile "This is gonna be fun!" he runs through green hill zone rescuing his animal friends from the robots suddenly sonic hears an evil laugh he looks up and sees Robotnik "You won't stop me Sonic not this time!" "That's what you said last time Robuttnik!" without warning the bottom of the doctor's eggmobile opened and a wrecking ball came out.Luckily with sonic's super speed he breaks the wrecking ball Robotnik flees and Sonic pursues but then stops after seeing a capsule with animals inside before he can respond to the animals he is suddenly teleported to a special zone. After navagating his way through the maze gets a special gem Sonic is then teleported to an ancient garden over flowing with lava luckily this is Robotnik's next base. Sonic then runs through this Marble Garden then he goes through the underground tunnels he spots a place where he can jump down when he lands a wall behind him bursts lava sonic has to go through a obstacle course with spikes he then has to go through a place with spiked chandeliers he finally gets out a sees Robotnik Robotnik sees a emerald with Sonic "Where did you get that emerald?!" "None of your beeswax Robuttnik." "Silence! That is one of the legendary Chaos Emeralds there are two sets the one on this island and the one on west island which are more powerful and I'll kill you to get them." The bottom of the eggmobile has a flame spitter sonic was able to destroy it he again chases Robotnik and frees the animals again transported to the special zone
Silver's Saphire Emerald

First chaos emerald

and collected another emerald he landed in an old skatepark that was now controlled by Robotnik sonic grabs a skateboard and rolls through the park with a trio of robodillo after him.sonic stops before he gets spiked by Robotnik sonic grabs onto the spike and pulls it out Robotnik flees again sonic releases the animals again and teleported to a special stage with two emeralds.sonic lands in a labrynith filled with water sonic who can't swim luckily found out there are air pockets.sonic gets to a point where the only way out is up Dr.Robotnik is fleeing "Run for your life Sonic!" Sonic then notices water is rising he navigates his way up and reaches the top.he opens the capsule and is teleported to a special stage he again captures the emerald and is teleported to a new zone star light zone sonic ran through the zone he thought "Woah!I'm dizzy!" He sees Robotnik and tries to attack he hits a trampoline that launches a bomb in the air and destroys Robotnik's bomb launcher Sonic destroys the capsule and grabs the last emerald(it comes out of the capsule). He is then teleported to Scrap brain Robotnik's unstable base Sonic tests all of his skills running jumping and dodging sonic is brought back to the labryinth and is brought to Final Zone the fight between him and Robotnik goes smoothly until Robotnik hits his foot Robotnik then smashes Sonic then the Chaos Emeralds gather around sonic and bring him back to life he then sonic smashes Robotnik's machine and allows him to flee. with the chaos emeralds the plants are brought back to life and they scatter across South island.Meanwhile... Robotnik:How are we doing on Metropolis? Crabmeat:Almost done sir.