In Sonic Boom there are hints that Sonic likes Amy. ex.1) When Eggman says that Amy's Sonic's girlfriend Sonic says," She's not my girlfriend!!!," angrily and the wrong buzzer goes off. ex.2) When Sonic saved Amy in "translate this" the robot "translated" Sonic, saying," I care about your well being." Sonic smiles and runs off ex.3) When Sonic heard Amy was getting a date, couldn't believe it, and was possibly even Jealous.

Modern Sonic likes Amy to an extent, even though he runs away a lot. ex.1)In Sonic Chronicles, you can make Sonic like Amy. ex.2)In Unleashed, you can choose to make Sonic go out with Amy. ex.3)In Sonic X episode 52 he gives her a white rose. White roses mean pure love.

Classic Sonic could NOT stand her at all.

So what do you think should SonAmy be allowed to see the light of day? Let me know what you all think about this.