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    Sonic for Hire

    April 21, 2012 by Jim Logan

    Sonic for Hire is a video series where Sonic has to do various jobs for other Video game charcters to raise money to keep his half of his apartment with Tails. This series swears like Family guy but is a good series.

    Throughout Season 1, Sonic does jobs for Kirby, and cubix,Knuckles in a McDonalds-like resturant, Robitnic, Ultimate Fighter, and various others before being tricked into taking drugs, losing all of his-hard earned money, only saving enough money to keep his apartment for another 2 months.

    In the beginging of Season 2, Sonic is in jail after getting hired by a Russian Hockey Team starting a fight and accidently killing them, putting him in jail for $100,000, which Tails pays his bail. Throughout the rest of the season, he works …

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