Sonic for Hire is a video series where Sonic has to do various jobs for other Video game charcters to raise money to keep his half of his apartment with Tails. This series swears like Family guy but is a good series.

Season 1

Throughout Season 1, Sonic does jobs for Kirby, and cubix,Knuckles in a McDonalds-like resturant, Robitnic, Ultimate Fighter, and various others before being tricked into taking drugs, losing all of his-hard earned money, only saving enough money to keep his apartment for another 2 months.

Season 2

In the beginging of Season 2, Sonic is in jail after getting hired by a Russian Hockey Team starting a fight and accidently killing them, putting him in jail for $100,000, which Tails pays his bail. Throughout the rest of the season, he works for Mario trying to pay off a new debt. Near the end of the second season, Sonic accidently gets Luigi killed by a truck while trying to "take care of" Frogger for Mario to which Mario vows to kill Sonic, which Lady Donkey Kong throws Mario down the "bottomless hole" which appears in every video game in the 90's. It appears Mario survived and got all the video game bad guys to try and kill Sonic, and in the end, Sonic kills Mario. The season ends with Sonic becoming the Mob Boss.

Season 3

Season 3 starts 7 months after the end of Season 2 where Sonic and Tails are on the beach trying to figure out how to be a good Mob Boss. The major part of the season deals with Sonic trying to cope with his new job while the rest of his friends depart to do old jobs such as Kirby doing "Sonic On Ice", Robotnic and Earthworm Jim staying in South America, and the characters from Golden Axe re-opening Sonic's Bar. The final 3 episdoes of the season(and series), deals with Sonic and Tails fighitng over control over the Mob, to which Tails blows up all the money Sonic had earned over the past year. The Season ends with Sonic, in many casts and bandages saying "Time to go to Work".

Season 4

Season 4 stars about a year after the third season and Sonic is again broke and working to keep his house and doing odd jobs before getting arrested with a guy from "Golen Axe". After breaking out a now-thin Kirby who has become a Hollywood producer offers Sonic his own movie Sonic:One Bad Character however before filming could begin, Kirby tells Sonic he needs to convince the old crew(Eggman, Earthworm Jim, and Tails) to come to Hollywood to film the movie. Getting Jim and Eggman was first in which Sonic was succesful, however Sonic had to have the movie changed to Tails and Sonic:Two Bad Characters.They have yet to be shown filming.