((I just wanna try a blog as if my OC, Kite, was talking.))

Hey guys! Kite here! A lot of stuff has been going on since Joey and I left, huh? Well, we are back in school, and I am slowly regaining my memories of my past. A few interesting things have happened. I got to go to an event called Raptor Weekend! I saw owls, hawks, and falcons. And no, I didnt see Jet. Oh! And Joey wanted me to give you this message.

"Hey all, it's Joey. Sorry I haven't been on. I have been spending time on the Mysims Wiki, RPing....I swear, that wiki has become a blogging site. Well, I hope to be on some more, and yada yada yada....Also, this IS my final year of school, so I gotta be at my A-game..Well, I will try to be on more often...just commenting on blogs, though."

Well, there ya have it, ladies and gentlemen...So..Yeah, good to see you all again. Now if you excuse me, I gotta find out who took my tacos...They shall fear the wrath of my Hammertime!