Okay people as you know me and my friend BlackFelineDarkness are working on the fan comic Empire City Freedom Fighters (pending title...maybe). So as you know the fan comic is based off the Archie comics but I felt the Egg Army was missing something. And that was E-100 Series robots. There have been a couple new ones introduced in the Archie comics. So I figured why not have the Empire City Egg Army have a few. But this is where things get interesting. I am gonna let YOU guys make the E-100 series robots. Submit them onto this blog and I shall judge them. Only five will make it in however. And there are some rules.

  • Can't be an existing E-100 series robot that has been shown in the Archie comics or games (E-100 Alpha,E-101 Beta,E-102 Gamma,E-103 Delta,E-104 Epsilon,E-105 Zeta,E-106 Eta,E-107 Theta,E-113 Xi,E-120 Phi,E-123 Omega)
  • Can't be a upgraded model of a previous E-100 unit
  • The design of your robot must look like a E-100 unit.But with your own unique twists.
  • It must be named after a letter in the Greek alphabet and its number must correspond with that.But it can't be a Greek letter used in an already seen E-100 series robots.
  • It can have a personality. It would be more interesting to see a E-100 series unit with a unique personality. But if you don't want it to that's okay.