The title says it all. I am going to make a Sonic comic. But its not a Sprite comic we have too much of those. Its drawn on the computer because I suck at doing that. Its going to be a hand draw comic and I even plan on drawing comic style covers for each issue.I haven't made a name for it yet but for now I'll call it Sonic Infinity. Now to tell what this comic is about. Its based on the main Sonic games but there's a catch it includes Sonic fan characters including mine and my cousin's. But it can also include yours too. Now for some rules.

1.The fan character you include can be anything hero or villian, Badnik or Mobian,etc.

2.The fan character has to be a Sonic fan character.

3.Fursona's are allowed.

4.Besides fan character's you can send in fan designs like fanmade Eggman mechs or fanmade Badniks.

5.You also have to tell me stuff like the character's backstory,personality,and abilities.

6.You can also send me fan made locations like fan made Sonic zones.

7.The fan character has to be appropriate which mean fan characters that swear,drink,use drugs,and use mature humor are not allowed.

8.Fan characters won't appear right away. Some might appear in a later issue and if your lucky might even get an issue surrounding him or her.

9.Sonic fan characters based on original characters count as well.Which means a Sonic fan character based on a character from an anime,tv show,comic book,or even another video game series is allowed.

10.The fan character must be yours not someone else's.

Now don't forget to spread the word about this. And stay tuned for some practice comics I plan on making.