While the Sonic series has some good characters (even Charmy I don't mind his voice he is cute and he is pretty funny especially in the comics) it  has some good villans too especially one of the most popular video game characters in history Dr.Eggman!I know what you are thinking "You have been watching too much of Clement's videos have you!"...well yes but thats no the point!The point is Eggman is a great villan and even though he fails every time Eggman can be a genius because lets not forget the scene in Sonic Adventure 2 and if Sonic wasn't able to use Chaos Control with the fake Chaos Emerald he would have died and Shadow would have stop the Ark from crashing into the Earth by himself and then Eggman would save Shadow from his fall and then finally take over the world!Eggman even has his own epic theme song "E.G.G.M.A.N." which I wish was in more Sonic games and I really hope I can unlock it on Sonic Generations(Bad news I just learn I couldn't).I especially love his robots like Scratch,Grounder,and Coconuts from the old cartoons and his in-game minions like his hoard of Badniks,Metal Sonic,and his two bumbling assistants Orbot & Cubot who are just as funny in the comics!If there was a Sonic MMO where you could either be a Mobian,GUN Agent,or Badnik I would be a Badnik and rise the ranks of the Eggman Empire!I even made a main villan for my video game series idea who also an evil genuis who makes an army of robots(Although he is a gremlin not a human but I digress)!Another thing I like about Eggman is his memes I just love saying "Snooping as usual I see!" and "GET A LOAD OF THIS!" and there is also his funny lines from the comics like "So what?Bald is beatiful" and "SNIVELY!WHY ISN'T THE COSMIC RESSETING BUTTON RESSETING THE COSMOS!".And this not a April Fools joke I am serious I am now an Eggfan!So why don't you tell me why you love the Eggman.