How did the world get inhabited by strange humanoid animal creatures you ask?It all started a long time ago somewhere in another galaxy.The Black Arms have found a giant comet filled with unlimited power which they have dubbed the Chaos Star a giant multi colored cyrstal that drifts through space,but many others wanted this powerful object and the fight over it was so intense that the Chaos Comet broke apart and split into 8 pieces and headed for Earth.When the 8 pieces crashed into Earth the Earth's land masses began to change shape and the animals begun to gain human qualities.Gerald Robotnik's great great great great great grandfather studied the strange new land that was created and named it Mobius because its in the shape of a mobius strip.

While studying the strange new land he found the strange inhabitants of it which he nicknamed the more human ones Mobians and the smaller less evolved ones Mobinis.7 of the 8 pieces that crashed into Earth were called the Chaos Emeralds because of the changes they made and the 8th piece was called the Master Emerald because it seemed to have control over the other Chaos Emeralds.The most prominent of the Mobians where the ancient Echidnas who lived on Angel Island a floating island that orbits the Earth.Unfortunatley the Echidnas didn't last wrong because one clan was sent into another dimension while the other was obliterated by the wrath of Chaos.It took the Black Arms a long time to get to Earth but when they did Black Doom their leader met Dr.Gerald Robotnik and Black Doom agreed to help Gerald make the Ultimate Lifeform.But Gerald knew that Black Doom couldn't be trusted and made the Eclipse Cannon to defend the Earth from the future Black Arms invasion.

Years later Gerald Robotnik's grandson Dr.Ivo Robotnik who was mistreated and was denied by the science community decided to take over the Earth with his army of robots the Badniks!He decided to start with the country Mobius because he believes he is far more superior to them.He also found a way to use the Mobains and Mobinis as organic batteries for his robots which he called Badnikification.He even kidnapped the King of Mobius Gazebo Boobowski.Tiara who is the daughter of Gazebo brought together a group of Mobians called the Freedom Fighters to fight against Dr.Ivo Robotnik and they were going to lose the battle but then a miracle happened.A blue blur from Christmas Island,a guy who just want exictement,Sonic the Hedgehog!Sonic joined the Freedom Fighters and helped them defeat Dr.Ivo Robotnik and weakened his grip on Mobius.Ever since then Robotnik now known as the Eggman never gave up on his ambitions and will stop at nothing to rule the world!