In his new Egg Carrier 3 Eggman is up to his new evil plan. "Mwahahaha with my new evil plan I will finally build my empire!" Eggman said. "What's the plan this time boss?" Orbot said. "I plan on making my own Artificial Chaos just like my grandfather did. With some energy collected from the Master Emerald, the piece of Chaos I extracted from that frog, and this Chaos Emerald I shall create my ultimate weapon! Eggman explained. "Orbot Cubot I give you Cyber Chaos!" Eggman said. The thing looked a lot like Chaos but mostly mechanical and has glowing red eyes. "Cyber Chaos activated what is your command Doctor?" it said. "Wow that is impressive boss!" Cubot said. "Yes it is now no one will stop me!" Eggman said. Suddenly the alarms go off and the words "Intruder Alert" are flashing on the screens. "Must be Sonic as usual I'll take of him in my new Egg Boxer!" the villain said. He went to where the intruders were seen and grabbed them in his robot's massive boxing glove like hands. "Mwahahaha got you know you little... cat?" the Doctor said puzzled when he sees that the intruders are not Sonic and Tails. One is a red cat while the other was a blue fox in a training suit. "Who are you and what are you doing in my Egg Carrier?" Eggman asked. Joker the Cat talked first "We are new Chaotix members Joker the Cat and James the Fox sent to investigate what you are up to and now that we know we are going to stop you!". "Oh the Chaotix you say? Well I always got an Egg Capsule prepared for unexpected pest!" the Doctor said manically. But then suddenly the a blue blur comes speeding to the room and causes a vortex around the Egg Boxer. It's Sonic the Hedgehog! "Hey Eggman sorry I was late but it took us a while to find your new flying eyesore." the hedgehog said jokingly. "Flying eyesore? This is place is my latest masterpiece!" Eggman said offended by Sonic's remark. "Well now prepare to be crushed by my new Egg Boxer!" Eggman said. But than Joker uses his special laser clawed gloves to cut off one of the Egg Boxer's arms. Than James uses some of his fighting skills to punch the robots eyes out causing Eggman to lose sight on what's going on. "Thanks I'll finish him off." Sonic said. He ran in place charging up and than ran into Eggman's mech knocking it down. "Know let's get out of here!" Sonic said. While there running they are being followed by Egg Pawns opening fire at them. They stop near a hole in the wall. "Jump!" Sonic said. "Are you serious do you know how high we are?" James complained. "No time to explain just jump!" Sonic said. Joker and James had no choice but to jump with Sonic and while freefalling through the air Tails catches them in the Tornado. "A little late buddy don't you think?" Sonic said to Tails. "I would've have been here sooner but it's tough trying to save you guys and avoid laser blasts." Tails said. When they landed at Tails Lab Joker and James explained what happened, why they were there, and what Eggman is up to. "So Eggman is making his own version of Chaos?" Sonic asked. "Well I think that's kinda what he is doing." Joker said. "If Eggman already gave Cyber Chaos one Chaos Emerald he must be after the rest." Tails said. "What happens exactly when that thing gets all of the Chaos Emeralds exactly?" James asked. "Well the thing becomes a giant monstrosity bent on destruction." Sonic said. "Well we have to find those Chaos Emeralds but first we have to get the rest of the Chaotix!" Joker said. "Don't worry I already called them." Tails said. "Now we have to find out where the Chaos Emeralds are." Sonic said. "I took care of that my Miles Electric can be able to detect Chaos Emeralds." Tails said. "Well than lets go we have no time to lose!" Sonic said.