Ok I have two ideas for fan series involving Sonic. The first one is a Sonic,Mario,and Mega Man crossover series. The second is a newer idea based on the Archie comics (not before the Super Genesis Wave though) I call it Sonic Prime because it takes place in Mobius Prime (I am still using Mobius because it will always be Mobius for me). It will of course include the Archie characters except the Ken Penders ones (sorry but Ken Penders is such a D**** bag he might sue ME for using them). But here's the twist it will also include a few fan characters like mine and my cousin's fan characters who are new members of the Freedom Fighters. But some of your fan characters can be in it too but I would need some nice sprites though since its a Sprite Animation. Also there will be some flashback arcs where Sonic and a few other characters reminiscent about some of their past adventures which are based on the Sonic games but with an Archie twist starting with Sonic the Hedgehog 1. Truth be told I am a big Sonic fan and big fan of the Archie comics. But I am also a fan of Mario and Mega Man (even though I only read the Archie Mega Man comics and never played a single Mega Man game in my life). So its hard for me to decide which to go with. That's where you come in. Please help me decide! Oh and if your wondering why didn't ask on SNN Chat I have been having major problems with it.