The sonic the hedgehog comics have been going on for a long time and they have had a lot of good storys if you ask me. I think that for one game it would be really awesome if the comic writers did the story for a game because the last couple of sonic games i played the game was really fun but the story was really boring and somewhat lame. I'm still a huge sonic fan i just think the comics have much better stories. The comics also have epic villians such as enerjak, dr.fenitevis (or how ever you spell it), scourge(anti-sonic), the iron queen, the dark egg legion, and the battle bird arrmada(i know they are sega charaters but they never got a story). I also love what they did with the Chaotix like keeping mighty and ray. The one think i really hate about the comics is....Sally Acorn.(no shock there lol) To me she really seems like a pointless charater to have in the comics all the time, maybe i'm alone in this, but hopefully not. After you read this PLEASE type up your thoughts I want to know what other fans think.