there has been a romor floating around the sonic is getting a reboot that would change everything in the series in 2014. the only thing that would make it to the new series would be sonic and robotnik. i personaly hate the idea of getting rid of sonic's friends and remaking the world of sonic and co. but before the reboot can happen sega still has to be around in 2014 because sega is going down the crapper right now because sonic is the only game that is making money for sega and if sega dose go out of business i hope that nintendo buys the sonic franchise because the people at nintendo would (hopefully) take care of sonic.but if you ask me sega needs to hire some people off nintendo to be on sonic team because nintendo is smart and knows how to take care of there franchises. but if they are going to do any type "reboot" they should just add on to the story and bring in the freedom fighters from the comics. and for the next game the they really need to get Ian Flynn the writer from the comics too do the story in the next sonic game so you don't have any gay-tared storys like the story in 06, unleased, and the "story book" series... please comment below and tell me your thoughts..

see ya later jordan