Hey guys,  Journalistic  here. Today I want to share some news about a Sonic cameo, at a unlikely place I would find.

File:Sonic on Tourism Ontario DCTVB.jpg
The image you see on the right is Sonic the Hedgehog, placed on a coupon for Ontario Science Centre's "Game On 2.0" event in Toronto at a Tourism Ontario brochure. For most, it's looks typical, right? Well read the fine print.

For most coupons using a copyrighted character, it would say in the print "[character name(Sonic)] and all related terms Copyright (c) 2013 [Publisher (Sega)], [Developer (Sonic Team)] All Rights Reserved."

On the print, there is no hint of that. The main question is, was it on purpose or accident?

If on purpose, Tourism Ontario and the Ontario Science Centre would be in a lot a trouble, copyright infringement that is. 

If on accident, they may of ran out of space to add the copyright or so on. 

UPDATE 10:13 PM, 25 JUNE: I have found a page of the Game On event, get ready for Sonic 4 and Sonic Adventure images: Link

Sound off at the comments below, I may update this blog with more info if necessary,