Sonic Boom Fire Ice

NewsChannel: What's your reaction on Fire & Ice's delay to 2016?

SonicWindBlue: I was actually surprised and relieved at the same time. We haven't got any News of this game since June. Several websites changed the Release Date of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice before SEGA official announced the delay. Many Sonic News Sites reported about the possible delay, so SEGA had no choice and confirm this information.

The Sonic Boom Franchise has a really bad image, so I really hope Sanzaru Games and SEGA will take their time to polish and optimize the game.

NewsChannel: Do you think Sega handled the announcement of Fire & Ice's 2016 delay properly?

SonicWindBlue: The Announcement of the 2016 delay was kinda hidden. The only place where you could find the official statement is the SEGA Blog itself. They should have used their Social Media Sites like Twitter and Facebook to spread the information. People still asking about the game, since they don't know about SEGA's move.


I mean, there are other sources that distribute the delay, but it's hard to reach every single person. SEGA should handle those kind of announcements a little bit more open.

NewsChannel: The Sonic Stadium reported a rumour claiming Sanzaru Games intentionally delayed the development of Fire and Ice. What will be your reaction if the report appears to be true or false?

SonicWindBlue: The question is - "Is this rumour really a rumour, or just a speculation?". I'm not denying, that Sanzaru Games is currently working on other projects besides Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. But this "rumour" builds on the fact, that we haven't seen any Gameplay Footage besides the Trailer. That's simply not true. During Sonic's Birthday Party in Tokyo Joypolis, we got a demonstration of one single level and how the Fire and Ice mechanic is working. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice looks almost like Shattered Crystal, because they reused a lot of assets. They wouldn't have that many troubles to build up a game with the same graphic and gameplay engine.


Maybe the delay have other reasons - SEGA announced many layoffs. The move from San Francisco to Southern California is still onging. Maybe more games for 2016, the year of Sonic's 25th Anniversary? Who knows? If this "rumour" turns out to be true, then I'll accept the decision, but I just want to be neutral about this whole topic and want to see how it plays out.