Quotation1 Apparently Sonic speed is truly blinding, because he’s managed to get fans to spend good money on terrible games…time after time. Quotation2

Look at this. Stated on TSSZ News, released its picks for the worst blockbuster franchises in gaming. Instead of one partictlar game, GT is kind enough to make it the entire franchise. Seems fair, huh? Not really. Even one of the best games the Sonic series sold, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, was also a contributor. They said nothing about Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors. They did mention the game with a load of bugs , the never ending Olymipics series and Sonic going though puberty.

For the video, click here .

SonicTheHedgehogDude, out. Give you opinions on the comment section below. Do you agree with the assessment, or are GameTrailers just beating a long dead horse?