I'm an Echidna.

Nothing excited me more then new guns. When you're a soldier, weapons and violence are a thrill to you. Sometimes, you long.

Julie-Su, I have a robot arm. That means your staring could result in this metal slump being thrown at your head.

I'm not always mean, I'm actually caring and lonely. Very lonely but you don't know that yet. Tomorrow, I'll be getting a selection of fifteen firearms and I am only allowed to choose one. Sometimes I think the Dark Legion do it on purpose. 

Honestly I'm a hopeless romantic, I could chase someone to the ends of the earth and fight for them my whole life. I don't remember much, so let's create it. Ready?

Age, 16. I'm not a cyber goth I just have dreads.

Julie Su not just a girl by Helen91
I'm at war with myself.