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  • I live in Portland, Oregon
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Future college student, present bum.
  • I am Male Mammalian
  • Kagimizu

    Lost and Angry

    November 25, 2016 by Kagimizu

    Disregard this if you have no care for the ventings of an obsolete relic.

    I have been a member of SNN since May of 2009. Over seven and a half years as of this writing. I was there when Userspace sub-pages were common, when SNN had forums for every possible aspect of the the Sonic fandom, even Roleplay and Fanon discussions. People posted comics and artwork and it was a constant bustle of blogs and discussions and debates, though much of it was juvenile and ridiculous looking back almost a decade. Sad to say my memory of all that has faded as the wiki's format has changed and old information has become more difficult to track, but those fond if hazy memories are what have kept me coming back, even in my current sorry state.

    Back then I had o…

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  • Kagimizu

    So, Yeah...

    February 3, 2014 by Kagimizu

    I was doing my usual business, lurking around the site and updating Featured User today. I had been a little delayed because of various personal problems that caused quite a bit of a ruckus and a distraction. But nonetheless I got it done, and it seems like it's back to lurking and watching the site I love continue to grow and prosper.

    ....And then I'm told that Bullet Francisco, admin and bureaucrat, has left the wiki and cannot be contacted. Now while I may have had my issues with Bullet before, my first thought is concern for someone who cared about the wiki so much and put so much effort into it. So I go to his userpage to see what the explanation is- if any- and I find this.

    So now rather than going to bed, I find myself wondering just w…

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  • Kagimizu


    August 24, 2013 by Kagimizu

    After ten years of being a part of my family and our lives, my dog J.R. was put down... less than an hour ago, actually. Nerve degeneration in the hind legs, heart and adrenal issues, and his right hind leg getting banged up yesterday, meant his body just couldn't keep up with him anymore. In reality, his body hadn't been able to keep up for a while now...

    It still doesn't feel real. Even after being told last night that he was going to be put down... even after taking him to the vet with my Dad... even after personally seeing the veterinarian give him the injections... even after seeing his body taken away on a gurney, wrapped up in a blanket... it still doesn't compute. I've already cried and cried, but, it's still just... I don't know... …

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  • Kagimizu

    All of this deals with either Sonic Fanon Wiki or real life, but... I truly need someone, anyone who might actually care...

    I was avoiding this because it would probably cause me more issues or cost me more. But really... Reputation? Respect? Friends? One way or another, it seems I have nothing left to lose. So, I'm going to lay everything on the table, bias and past transgressions and all.

    The first thing that happened this month was Memph, with his parole policy testing. The most warning he gave was coming onto my Xat the night before to suddenly spring this on everyone. No notice, no discussion, no voting. He suddenly made his decision. His test subject was Guyviroth, an elitist snob who gave everyone crap and repeatedly stated he hated thi…

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  • Kagimizu

    Before anyone gets upset, this blog involves both me personally and potentially my activity on the wiki.

    So, I have a deal with my parents where if I can get all of my classes to 90% completion by the 20th or by Christmas, I get an XBox 360 guaranteed. With this, I could potentially get various Sonic games that would give me first-hand information, allowing me to better contribute to the wiki. If I recall correctly, several members of this wiki's community also play various games on a 360, and as such I would honestly enjoy being able to reacquaint with them over common interests.

    However, a few people have told me that getting a PS3 would be better, and there's also the WiiU (though I could wait on that until my birthday), so I want to here f…

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