Revamp 1

Alright, lately I've been considering changing Statyx's design a bit. I brought it up on SFW, and put a pic of the possible new look up on DA, but Statyx debuted on SNN, so I wanna hear what people on SNN think of it!

Statyxnew StatyxRevamp1

So, here they are! Please tell me what you think.

End Result: New look's in!

Revamp 2

Welp, there's another possible revamp underway. You see, after looking at Gamma's artwork (particularly Sonic Battle), I've been considering making adjustments to my own version of Gamma:

Gamma MkII

Some of the adjustments are as follows:

  1. Three metal flaps on his arms that will extend when he uses weaponry
  2. Missile/Grenade launcher on shoulder(s)
  3. Shrink down/slightly redesign the arms
  4. Give him an actual grenade launcher in his arm, rather than a grenade dispenser.

Other possible adjustments may follow. Whaddya guys think?