Figured this thing needed a blog post that would get some attention XD

Anyways, I'm Kagimizu, a (rather sad excuse for an) admin on SNN.

I joined this wiki back in March of 2009, becoming an admin under somewhat unique circumstances as soon as September of the same year. At that time I was considered competent enough to go directly to being a 'crat. However, I passed the position to my dear friend Sonicrox14, who was (and is) far more experienced than I was at the time. Despite that I still became a regular administrator, and for quite some time I was regularly active on the wiki and one of the more prevalent admins. My more unique duties included (and still do) the featured user and featured article aspects of the main page.

Unfortunately, good things never last. More admins were promoted, and my time on the Sonic Fanon Wiki (on which I eventually became an admin as well) increased. This is due to the fact that SFW has fewer admins than SNN and is usually more.... "exciting/hectic", while the admins on here were (and are) able to handle pretty much everything, leaving me with nothing to partake in.

So as to be expected, my activity dwindled. Eventually it got so bad that I barely know anyone on this site, and it's pretty much mutual. I mean raise of hands: how many of you knew I was an admin here?

But, I want that to change. While I may not be able to change my activity anytime soon, I DO at least wanna know who's contributing to the wiki I love and help in maintaining. So c'mon people: speaketh to your admin and identify yourselves!!