Sorry everybody!! Not dead yet!!

Anyways, I'm just here to make an update. I've been on (even) less cause of schoolwork; finals are coming up on the 17th, and I'm big-time behind in most of my classes, so I have to work my Sonic-lovin @$$ off to finish up, or I'm in big trouble. However, I do have good news: my Mom's found a job after over a year, and is starting on the 20th or the 27th! That means I get the house all to myself during the day once again!!

And for those of you who are wondering, Shelly's in a similar situation. Schoolwork prevents her from being on as much as any of us would like. She's told me that she feels really guilty about "shirking her responsibities". However, come summer vacation she'll be on far more often, and hopefully so will I!

In relation to that, I have to ask: what is there to do now?? I mean seriously, at one point the place is dead, but at the next there are people editing all over! Can someone help me out and tell me somethin that can be worked on? I wanna be of actual use again!!

UPDATE: Whoo-hoo!! My schoolwork is almost done everybody! Hell, it's already to the point where I can spend a good part of today goofing off :B I won't be doing that tomorrow since I have to review for my Algebra final, but today's alright. So, what can I do around the wiki?