Alright, this admin seriously needs to get back to work! I used to be number 3 in terms of edits, only 200 behind Shelly, considered worthy of bureaucracy, and a well-known prescence on this wiki. Now, I hardly talk to anyone around here, I'm 200 edits behind Sonictoast, the Featured User poll obviously shows that I'm not exactly popular or well-known, I have more edits on the SFW than I do here, and I myself don't think I deserve bureaucracy.

So to sum it up: this admin needs to get his @$$ in gear and get back to working on this wiki!! Problem is: I've got no idea what exactly I can do. I usually only do stuff like front page, featured User/article, and deal with vandalism. However, vandalism is covered big-time. So, what the heck can I work on in order to be more useful, get my edits back up, and get back to the rep I had before? I wanna be of some friggin use around here again!!