(sighs) Well, I'm sure that virtually every regular User on this wiki is up-to-date on everything going on, so I'll cover the important stuff. On November 3rd, Monaco, the skin our wiki currently uses will be taken down in favor Wiki's latest skin, called "Oasis". As most of the wiki refuses to stand for this, we have decided to sever ties with Wikia and move. A problem however, is that moving normally causes a wiki to have to start from scratch, including new Usernames. However, as of late I have been negotiating with "Fastest Thing Alive" (abreviated as FTA), founder of, concerning FTCR taking in our wiki. Now, FTA has said that he could move the wiki with no information loss whatsoever, no strings attached.

However, there is a problem: our affiliates. Now, I've been telling FTA that we as a wiki will not simply abandon our affiliates to have to deal with Oasis for our own benefit. This has been a point of negotiation with FTA, as at the moment he is unwilling to move our affiliates. As such, I feel that before a final decision is reached, the whole wiki should be asked about whether or not we should abandon our affiliates.

However, there is good news. Nero, a User on both SNN and SFW, has an alternate solution. His father owns and runs his own hosting site, which could possibly move SNN, its affiliates, and possibly non-Sonic wikis under the same conditions FTA offered, no strings attached. However, FTCR is at the same time a good opportunity for the SNN, so here's a summary:

FTA's offer:

  • All of the wiki's information is moved, including ranks, usernames, skin, and contributions.
  • We would have access to a Sonic website, which could potentially be a good opportunity for SNN to improve itself. I have not been to FTCR myself, so I don't know the details.
  • We may have to abandon some, most, or all of our affiliates, leaving them stuck with Wikia.
    • In order to get our affiliates moved as well, we may have to negotiate with FTCR in order to sweeten the deal, such as continuing to host advertizements, or some other compromise.

Nero's offer:

  • All of the wiki's information could be moved, including ranks, usernames, skin, and contributions.
  • We would be hosted by a simple hosting site.
  • Every single one of our affiliates could be moved under the same terms as SNN, as well as non-Sonic wikis.
  • Depending on how things go with FTA, we could still be affiliated with FTCR.

With the change coming in 21 days, I can't with good concious continue negotiations until I hear out the rest of the wiki. So, I must ask these following questions:

  • Would the wiki be willing to abandon all of our affiliate wikis entirely, as well as the Users on those wikis, for SNN's benefit?
    • If not, are there any wikis we could cut ties with, such as MASATOG wiki, foreign language Sonic Wikis, and Wikia Gaming?
    • What would we be willing to do in order to get some of our affiliates moved?
  • Would SNN be okay with being hosted by a generic hosting site (don't know the details of it) in exchange for all of our affiliates being moved as well, no strings attached?
    • If we go with this option, what other non-Sonic wikis would any of you suggest for moving as well?

Well, that's it; all that's left is to make the decision(s). Personally, I can't stand the idea of leaving our fellow Sonic wikis behind, regardless of conditions.