Alright everybody, we need to get some stuff straightened out!! Now, the move has been late, and I've got some bad news; it seems the move won't be happening until after the New Look is installed. Despite that, upon moving we'll be back to good ol' Monaco. In the mean-time, save the pictures such as like the wiki's image and background. Until the move happens, we'll have to either deal with the new look, or stay off of wikia.

But that's not the main point of this blog. Nero's dad has told me (heard directly from Nero) that any wikis we want moved can indeed be moved. Because of this, I want everyone to tell me the wikis they want moved, like the Viewtiful Jow wiki, Magical DoReMi wiki, and others so I can make a list. However, not ALL wikis can be moved, so only list the ones you most want moved, or ones who want to move, but have no way to do so.