Alright, we haven't had much talk about the move lately, so I thought I should make this known; the move is still very much alive! While it may take a while (December-January timeframe would be realistic), Nero's dad is indeed working on the move, starting with SFW. After them, Sonic News Network will be moved as well, then the other Sonic Wikis going along, then the non-Sonic wikis. After the move, we will indeed have Monaco, as well as several other skins, so no worries!

However, there is one thing that concerns me; hardly any Users seem to care! I've hardly seen any Users comment or speak their mind about the move, and in a community, that isn't a good thing; it means people just don't care! So everyone, please get involved in the move, as we are a community! We're Sonic News Network, the number 1 wiki on all things Sonic!!